The Road Less Traveled

Garden Route National Park

When Heinie told me, we were going on a trip to Knysna, using roads less traveled, my eyes grew big with worry.  How am I going to survive such a long trip on the back of a bike? On gravel roads, need I say more.  Well, nothing scares me, normally, and I didn’t want to show that I was scared, this time around.

We packed our bags, just enough to add to the side bags on the Motorcycle (one of which was mine), this was a first for me.  I always pack for “just in case”, now I’m asked to only take essentials.  I managed to get it right, and I really tried hard to look like a lady during the whole trip.

We headed north up the country and stopped at a small town Laingsburg.  Truckers frequent this road, passing through, as they drive from Cape Town to Johannesburg.  In 1981 hard showers of rain hit this town, immersing it so badly, that only rooftop was visible, killing almost 100 residents.

The next morning we headed on a dirt road through Sewepeekspoort.  A mountain range covered with lush green bushes, fynbos and small rivers situated in the Towerkop Nature Reserve. Totally breathtaking!

We drove 47km on a dirt road until we reached, Calitzdorp.  From there, it was tar road, which took us toward Oudtshoorn, which is a famous town on Route 62, and well know for its Ostrich farming.  We carried on and had lunch in Uniondale. Now Uniondale is very well known for the ghost that stopped cars and hitched hiked with them, then just disappeared, as they left the town.  Very freaky!  I was very curious but didn’t once see the Ghost.

After lunch, we headed south, through the Kammanassie Nature Reserve and made a quick stop at Angie’s G-Spot.

Angie’s G-spot is very well known with Bikers, for its picturesque river view.  Don’t expect much though, it is more of a camping site.  We didn’t stay too long, then headed off to Knysna via the Knysna forest.  This was breathtaking, to be able to see the forest in its full density.  Wow, words cannot describe.

In Knysna, we stayed 2 nights, as there was so much to explore.  The Garden of Eden is so peaceful, and one of my favourite places.  I felt one with my maker.

After the walkabout in the National Park, we decided to go and see what all the fuss was about, Blouwkrans bridge bungy.  In the Guinness Book of Records,  200 meters downwards to the river, the highest in the world.  Ideal for the adrenaline seeker, but definitely not for me.  Must say, of all the things, this is one that I won’t do.  Give me skydiving any day.

Bloukrans Bungy
Bloukrans Bungy bridge

Knysna, one of my most favourite destinations, and definitely going back there very soon.  After our two days stay, we got back onto the BMW R1200GS motorcycle and headed West back towards George through the 7 passes route. This was the original road between George and Knysna, before the N2 National highway. Very neglected, so take care. Lots of twists and turns, with sharp bends and single lane bridge crossings. Lush Trees, as the road is not frequented by vehicles any longer.

From George, we got back onto Route 62, and stopped over at Ronnie’s Sex Shop.  Now, this is not what you expect to see.  It is only a bikers pub, alongside the road, with panties and bras from its visitors, hanging from the roof. From Ronnie’s Sex shop, it was homeward bound.


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